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Georeferencer (early beta version)

Online Georeferencing Tool For Scanned Maps


Explore online images of scanned maps in 3D and compare them with modern maps!

While surfing the web, if you find an interesting old map you'd like to georeference and bookmark, simply click the Georeferencer browser button in your bookmarks.


TIP: To add such button into your browser: Click on the upper "Georeferencer" link with the right mouse button and select "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark This Link" from the context menu. In some browsers, you need to drag the link to the Bookmarks Bar.

You can also submit address of a website with a map or address of an image:

TIP: You can copy&paste an URL of an image or a website you would like to georeference.
A path to Zoomify presentation (ending with ImageProperties.xml) is supported as well.
TIP: You can try to georeference one of the images of early maps on the web.
Maps collections: David Rumsey, Afriterra, Ryhiner, MZK, VKOL, UJEP GeoLab...

Try the Georeferencer online tools on a map from the Moravian Library: Commenius, J.A.: Moravia Nova et post omnes priores accuratissima delineatio.
Amsterdam: Nicolaus Visscher, [1680-1713]
Moravian Library in Brno, Czech Republic (Moll map collection, sign. Moll-0090.900, AA.T.XXII, Supl.3)